Not a Note Catatan Pribadi

Bye Bye Dragonfly

Bye-bye Dragonfly

Bye Bye, Dragon Fly Bye Now, Moo Cow Farewell, Gazelle Gonna hit the road, spotted toad Good Night, Ticks & Mites Good Wishes, Little Fishes Goodbye butterfly! Gotta Bail, Whale Gotta Bail, Snail Gotta Bolt, Colt Gotta Go Sleep, Sheep Gotta Go, Buffalo. Gotta Jet, Ferrett Gotta Scat, Cat Gotta Scat, Rat Gotta Skadaddle, Cattle Hasta mañana, iguana Hit the Street, Parakeet I’m Flyin, Lion I’m heading south, cottonmouth Nice Talkin, Dolphin On My Way, Blue Jay On The Road,Toad Peace Out, Trout See Ya There, Bear See ya, wouldn’t wanna bee ya! See you soon, baboon See you soon, raccoon See You, Cockatoo Stay loose, bull moose Take care, brown bear That’s All For Me, Queen Bee ‘Til then, penguin Howdy do, kangaroo? See you there, grizzly bear! Stay afloat, mountain goat! Must disembark, aardvark! See you at nine, porcupine! On my beat, parakeet! Don’t meander, salamander! Time to bail, my slimy Snail. Must be off, my little Moth. Gotta kick it, little Cricket. Time to sail, Orca Whale. Gotta scoot, my lil’ Newt. So long for now, Dairy Cow. Gotta tumble, Mr. Bumble (bee). Show me out, Rainbow Trout. Cherrio’, Pretty Doe (deer). My leave I take, you ugly snake! Gotta flee, you handsome bee! Toodles, Poodles! Gotta go, you little Mole. I can’t stay, Sir Sting Ray. Can’t be late, little Skate. Can’t be late, little Snake. You hang loose, Mother Goose! The end is near, fawny Deer. In a while crocodile  Take care polar bear  Todiloo kangaroo  Peace out rainbow trout  See you soon cheeky baboon Bye bye butterfly Hasta manana phiranha  Bye know Brown cow

Bye bye Fluttershy

Meet you at seven thirty, Rarity Bye bye Fluttershy Bye bye Pinkie Pie See you in a flash, Rainbow Dash I’ll be back, Apple Jack I’ll be back, Spike We’ll miss ya, Princess Celestia

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