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How to Contact Me

Find me in my office on working hours. Notify me two or three hours in advance. On off hours, I’ll be available on home address. Don’t find me off hours unless it’s unserious problem or really really really important. No pm please, but email would be great.

If you are having any problems, any questions or suggestions, feel free to tweet at me, or email me.

Find me on these

:office: Office
Math Building 3rd Floor, Faculty of Science UGM. Sekip Utara BLS 21 • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
:house_with_garden: House
Pogung Lor 116, Sleman • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
:mailbox: Email
Academic affair • rudi at ugm dot ac dot id
:mailbox: Email
Personal affair • rudi at prihandoko dot id