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Everyone is unique. Reanimation

After some times, I went back to my old room and found something precious, once: my collection of cassette-tape. Once collected them with blood, sweat, and tears (#halah). I knew they’re old. But they still have a place in the corner of my heart. Once I knew that every single ~person~ album are unique, with their own tales, with their own stories, whether with their creator or their owner. I couldn’t ever had the heart to replace one with another. Some people called it love. Now, here’s some of my saved collection, ones that not abandoned (yet).

Linkin Park - Reanimation


This album was bought accidentally. At that time, I wanted to buy Hybrid Theory. Little did I knew, this new album released in the month I have money to buy cassette. At that time, one cassette were IDR 18k. An amount that I could gather within 18 weekday’s days without bought anything and saved all of my pocket money. An 18-days suffering. Not because I would starving, but because I couldn’t play at the playstation (PS) rental services.

Back to the topic, this one particular album is my first cassette-tape I bought. At the store, I just said that I wanted to buy Linkin Park newest album (at that time). The album I actually wanted was Hybrid Theory extended. Hybrid Theory with two new songs, and some live recording. When the shopkeeper brought the unusual cover to the desk, I just frowned and thought that why the cover of extended version album seems very very different than the original ones. But I just didn’t ask why. I just bought, went home, excited to no end.

Put it into the tape, slowly pushed the play button. An opening that I never heard. Okay, this one is good, I thought. Second play should be Points of Authority, or at least that what I thought when saw the title was “Pts.OF.Athrty”. I thought that was joke. The songs slowly played and at the same time stunned me.

What is this.


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