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Halo dunia!

Halo dunia! Selamat datang kembali di laman saya yang selalu berubah-ubah. Seperti misalnya yang jarang diupdate (terakhir gegara masalah fail ngompile-nya yang jadi bikin malas). Semoga laman akademik ini lebih sering diperbarui daripada blog saya sebelum-sebelumnya. Read more

Rails for Noob (Part 1)

NOOB guides for Rails setup It’s my first time learn rails. Sure I’m a noob in this area. What I did just roamed around looking for guide and stackexchange several time do this and that. Here’s how do I do that. First attempt As I use windows, I downloaded the ruby for windows in As for the first timer, I just follow the ba... Read more

Math and Code Formatting

Lagrange comes out of the box with MathJax and syntax highlighting through fenced code blocks. MathJax allows you to display mathematical equations in your posts through the use of LaTeX. Syntax highlighting allows you to display source code in different colors and fonts depending on what programming language is being displayed. As always, Jeky... Read more

Manga List

Here is the manga I’ve read so far: READ Assasination Classroom Battle Through The Heaven Black Clover Bleach Blade Note Boku no Hero Academia Btoom! Combat Continent Combat Continent II Denpa Kyoushi Fairy Tail Feng Shen Ji Green Worldz Gokukoku no Brynhildr Looking for a Father Minamoto-kun’s Story My L... Read more

Journey from Memories of The Past

Day 1 (4 Juli) Arrival, Shortlisted, Weak? Day 2 (5 Juli) Shorlist Revealed, not too interesting debate Day 3 (6 Juli) Vote for Candidate, Three times candidate, twice choosen Day 4 (7 Juli) Marking Scheme, Easy difficulty hard to marking Day 5 (8 Juli) Make a Marking Scheme, Contestant Arrival Day 6 (9 Juli) Opening Ceremony, Short Introdu... Read more